Best Digital Marketing Content I’ve Read In May 2017

This is a collection of some of the best content I’ve read in the past month. Most of it has been published in May, although there’s a few that I have picked up when researching online or someone else has shared that wasn’t.

No filter applied – creative advertising, content for link building, great articles; everything is fair game. I’ll try to put something like this together once a month – upside is that I read more stuff, downside is that it leads to much more procrastination.

Anyway, I’l find a decent balance somewhere. Here we go:

This Bud’s For 2

Budweiser / Vayner MediaCreative Advertising

I know diddly squat about baseball. I think that makes the fact that this ad grabbed my attention all the more relevant.

The story revolves around the New York Yankees ex-captain, Derek Jeter, who retired 3 years ago and that the team are to retire his number 2 shirt (edit – they just did on Sunday 12th of May – I told you I’ve been procrastinating too much on this!).

After the emotional final scenes of his last game, the ad expands to show the city of New York paying homage in all walks of life by removing the number 2 from signs, doorways, etc.

These are eventually replaced with the infamous striped number 2 representing the New York Yankees. Check it out below.

The ad perfectly captures the emotion, respect and warmth that the city obviously has to one of it’s heroes of the past.

Marketing To The Middle Of The Funnel

Cubed / Russell McAthyConversion, Marketing Funnel

I’m a sucker for a good Sales / Marketing funnel article.

When I saw this article on Twitter it struck a chord with me as it’s very relevant to my day-to-day role.

There are a ton of marketing funnel articles out there, all with their own variations and cleverly designed funnels. This one stood out for it’s simplicity in articulating the phases of the funnel, as well as explaining the reality of where most businesses are going wrong.

Essentially, companies does a good job at concentrating on bottom of the funnel activities as they tend to lead to conversions / purchases and short term wins.

The problem here is that the volume of people at the bottom of your funnel (ready to buy phase) is usually limited at any one time and you can quickly max out your potential return, despite any increasing effort.

For those who take a more holistic approach and concentrate efforts on the middle of the funnel, you have a much better chance of sustaining growth in the medium to long term.

There are opportunities to gain small growth quickly when lower down the funnel, however the opportunity to generate longer term significant growth is only available when you are able to invest in people (pay a higher CPA) who will convert in the future.

The article title summed it up best – marketing to the middle of the funnel is where the magic really happens.Read the full article here.

Scaling A Startup From 0 to 100,000 Visitors / Month In 1 Year

Optimist / College Raptor – Content Marketing, SEO

As the title suggests, this case study provided an in depth look at how a startup took it’s new website to a traffic driving machine within 1 year.

It’s a story that most in the digital world will face at some point in their career, either with a startup or just a new website. It can be a daunting prospect trying to outrank well established websites and competitors, but one that can be achieved with innovative thinking and no lack of effort.

The article took a holistic look at the types of content required to help scale up website traffic.

  • Evergreen – content that, when ranking well, will attract high volume and sustainable organic search traffic
  • Link Earning – content that will attract links to help increase rankings
  • Social / Viral – content that helped build brand visibility on social media

A great example of link earning content that built some incredible links, including from the Washington Post, featured a map of where the current US Senate went to college. Using publically available data and displaying this in a meaningful way was greatly received by a range of sites.

Check out the full case study here.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

John Doherty / GetCredoContent Marketing, Strategy

I’ve followed John for a few years now and always found great value in the content he created and shared. When he set up his own company, GetCredo – a platform that connects marketers and clients who need their services, I knew there would be some tasty content on the horizon (and I was right!).

How Content Marketing Works by Get Credo
How Content Marketing Works by GetCredo

His recent article on how content marketing works covers a lot of ground and provides an excellent template that most businesses could use when defining their own content strategy.

The four key building blocks of the article covers content strategy, content creation, promotion and measurement. Check out the full article on how content marketing works.

You should also definitely sign up to John’s weekly recap of all things digital from the GetCredo blog – highly recommended.

7 Tricks No One Told You About Content Promotion

Andrea Lehr / Search Engine Journal – Content Marketing

Another content related post, this time more heavily weighted towards the content promotion side of things.

It’s typically the area that most brands miss out on when it comes to content marketing, so it was refreshing to see an article focused solely on that and not the whole ‘content is king’ story that is done to death.

Andrea does a great job at laying out some simple and straightforward things you can do to promote your content and get it in front of more eyeballs.

There’s nothing that revolutionary about what she suggests, sometimes you just need a gentle reminder that the simplest things are often some of the most effective.

Leveraging influencers, outreach for link building, internal promotion, engaging with online communities and re-purposing old content, plus a few others. Check out the full post here.

Until next time…

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