Time For A Change

After almost a decade working within in-house digital marketing roles, it’s time for a change.

I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun working within companies and helping them to establish and grow their presence in local and global markets, and from B2C e-commerce to B2B lead generation.

Going agency side

The pull of an agency role has always been pretty strong and I knew when the right opportunity came along I would find it very hard to turn down. That opportunity has came in the form of Engage, a web design and digital agency based in Belfast, and I’m delighted to be joining their Digital Success team.

There are many reasons why Engage feels like a good fit – the culture, mindset and ambition of the company, and people within it, is very evident after only a few interactions with them.

Add a diverse collection of industry leading clients into that mix, and it has all the right ingredients for an exciting and fulfilling career change.

Goodbyes are never easy

I will, of course, miss the many friends and team members from my time working at Andor. Working at the cutting edge of science and technology isn’t something that I would ever have seen myself doing, but it’s been a great experience. Getting a close-up look at some of the research projects being carried out by Andor customers who were Nobel prize winners along the way was a definite bonus.

I’m happy that I’ve left digital marketing their in a better place than when I found it, which is always a decent barometer for success.

Plans for this blog

Despite taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging, there’s been quite a lot going on behind the scenes.

Before my new role with Engage was confirmed, I had started a small side project of developing digital marketing case studies for Northern Irish based businesses.

The plan is to spend 5-6 hours in total taking a top level view of some of their digital marketing activities, write up a blog post and then pass over my findings to the company. Some free advice in return for getting useful case study content for this blog.

My main motivation was to provide some variation outside of my in-house role and have some real-world examples and insights into other industries. The focus would be on companies who didn’t have an obvious digital marketing strategy in place, which would hopefully have meant that they would have found some value in even a top level overview.

When my move to Engage materialised, it went on the back burner a bit – I suppose there’s nothing like the real thing!

It’s something I still hope to revisit in the future. Despite a very active and healthy digital marketing ecosystem in Ireland, north and south, there is still a sizeable section of SME’s with no digital strategy and / or budget to invest in one.

Hopefully a project like this would give something back to that ecosystem, and making businesses more aware of their digital capabilities can only be a positive for the digital industry in Northern Ireland.

Until then, it’s full steam ahead into the agency world…

One thought on “Time For A Change”

  1. Hi Tony I knew you had moved jobs recently but wasn’t sure where.
    All the best in the new venture and some advice from an ‘oldie’ !
    Blogging ain’t easy have some standby content for times when work, home & hopefully leisure but in.
    All the best talk soon.

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